Sabrina Tonelli Makeup & Hairstyle artist
You have the dress and you have your shoes. But now you can also have professionally done makeup and hair during marathon nights at Syros! 
The best stylist in the tango community, Sabrina Tonelli, will be joining us to bring out the beauty of each Tanguera. This is the final touch on your perfect outfit.
Sabrina will also be offering private lessons to find the perfect style for yourself, so that you can bring this professional hair and makeup home with you. Learn how she works her magic so that your outfit is always complete.

♦Makeup for milonga
♦Makeup for show
♦Casual Hairstyles
♦Hairstyles for show
♦Tips, Secrets- advice
♦20's, hollywood style
♦light and shadow

Private classes: 2 hours/ 60eu

Hair and make up for show/milonga : 60eu

DJ Giorgos Roussos


Christina and Rojer met in 2007 and started their dancing career together in 2009, they are the winners of the European tango championship 2010  and finalists of the World Tango Championship in 2010  in Buenos Aires.

Their dance style is very personal with a combination of quality dance figures, refine movements, elegance and creativity that identifies us, giving an authentic, young and renewed vision but without losing the sense of traditional tango that lives in the milongas of Buenos Aires.

They have performed in many festivals and events around the world: Anima tango Festival, Torino

Tango rojo Festival in London, Festival de Sitges in Spain, Athens tango festival, Festival de Monte Carlo
From tango to the world Tango festival in Riccione Italy
Festival European tango championship 2nd edition in Rome, 'Notte di Tango' en Vignaledanza festival, live performance in RAI 1 TV in Uno Mattina (Italy)

2012 Greece Tango Festival, Wuppertal tango festival in Germany, USA San Francisco, Chicago, South Africa, India, Argentina

Rojer started with folklore dance from a very young age in Argentina, performed with the most important artists of the time and in 2004 won the Pre Cosquin competition in the category malambo and the same time started professionally as a tango dancer and choreographer.

Christina has a classic ballet and gymnastics background from childhood and started dancing tango in 2005.

They are also the founders of 'Connection Tango' association and organisers of the Syros Tango Festival


George is a radio producer, dj and entrepreneur. He began to deal with radio as amateur in 1995, and over the last 10 years we have heard him on Prime Radio 100,3, the most popular radio in the Cyclades. As a DJ he started playing in 2001, having gone through almost all the clubs of Syros. This year he is playing music on the Liquid Gastropub.

Sabrina Tonelli

Dimitriy Kiselev

He was born on 12 November 1989 in the village of Teplyy Klyuch. He began to study music in Petrozavodsk, the associate Professor of Petrozavodsk state Conservatory Lomako Lyubov Ivanovna. In 2005 he enrolled in the CMS to Nina Nikolaevna Makarova, then studied for a specialist and graduated from the RAM in them. Music from Levitina Tatyana Pavlovna.- Laureate of the International festival of Music.Youth.Hope;
- Winner of the International festival "Bach-music Universe";
- Winner of the third degree of the Third Republican competition in Petrozavodsk;
- Winner of 3 international TV competition "Nutcracker" (Nutcracker silver);
- First prize winner of the international competition "the 21st Century Art" (Kiev);
- The winner of the first prize at the international competition "Musica Classica";
- The winner of the second all-Russian competition "New Names" (Moscow - Khanty-Mansiysk);
- First place and special prize at the international piano competition. Filch (Romania).Second place at the international competition "Chopin Rome"

Gleb Izotov
Gleb is the youngest member of the orchestra! I started with 6 years at the music school number 1 in cello. Later switched to bass. Now is the student of the Gnessin state Academy of music. The winner of various national and international competitions. Takes part in various musical projects!


Eleonora Kalganova is a dance artist and teacher who focuses on exploring improvisation, flow, and communication as process and performance in Argentine tango.Growing up in post-Soviet Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Eleonora has been fortunate to extensively study, from an early age, many different and unique forms of dance: folk, ballroom, character, historic, ballet and modern. This combination — the remarkable and rare educational experience — formed Eleonora as a very special and distinct dance artist, tango dancer and improvisor.
After successfully completing 9 years of rigorous study, Eleonora graduated from the State Dance Academy in Tashkent and became a principal dancer with the prestigious Alisher Navoi Theater of Opera and Ballet. As a professional dancer, she gained a solid understanding of movement, anatomy, music, performance and dance composition.
With time, Eleonora became increasingly fascinated and involved with the social aspects of Argentine tango. After years of study, with intelligence, passion, professional dedication, and her unique dance background, Eleonora started to develop a one-of-a-kind style of Argentine tango.
The joining of many disciplines and influences allows Eleonora to create and develop her own particular and unmistakable style of dancing and pedagogy. Breaking from rigidity of steps and memorization, Eleonora encourages students to develop improvisational skills through simple and dynamic techniques, achieve relaxed and released style, and most importantly, find new and liberating ways of relating, expressing, and communicating non-verbally with others. A generous, sensitive, and kind teacher, Eleonora finds the special “keys” in every student.
Eleonora lives in both Russia and the United States. She travels extensively nationally and internationally, performing and conducting workshops. She continues to be a student of life and tango.
Argentine Tango competitions:
- The winner of the International tournament "Spartak Cup 2010" in the category "Show"
- Vice-champion of 3rd Russian Open tournament of Argentine tango "TANGO CUP 2011"
- The winner of the International tournament "MOSCOW BALL 2012″, "EMPIRE CUP 2012″Festivals and Workshops:
St. Petersburg, Russia
Moscow, Russia
New York, USA
Denver, USA
Rome, Italy
Berlin, Germany
Frankfurt, Germany
Halle, Germany
Riga, Latvia
Budapest, Hungary
Istanbul, Turkey

Ivan Talanin

At 7 years old started training at musical school on Bayan. While studying in music school has participated in different musical competitions, both the city and national scale. After graduating from the Novosibirsk special music school in 2005, Ivan goes to RAM them. College, getting into the class of the composer, people's artist of Russia, Chevalier of the order of Friendship of V. A. Semenov.
In 2008, Ivan begins to learn an instrument like the Bandoneon. The bandoneon is a wind reed musical instrument, a kind of harmonics. German instrument with the Argentine destiny, named after its inventor Heinrich Band.
In 2009, while still a student, Ivan begins to play a tango orchestra Soledad.
In 2010 Ivan finishes the Academy , having to accumulate vast geography of their performances: Russia (from Moscow to Kemerovo), Europe (France, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain), USA, Cuba, Turkey etc. Also, Ivan manages to work with such conductors as Vladimir Spivakov and Gintaras Rinkevicius. He performed as a soloist with the symphonic orchestra p/at Pavel Kogana.
Also in 2010, the orchestra Soledad ceases to exist and creates a new band. For 5 years, playing in a Quartet, the geography of performances and famous concert halls increased, joined by countries such as South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Argentina, Italy, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, etc.
At the end of 2015, Ivan creates his own tango group "Tango En Vivo"! Less than a year, the orchestra succeeded brilliantly proved itself a favorite of the public, releasing the first album and conquer the birthplace of the tango - Sunny Argentina! Author's arrangements and virtuoso musicianship made and make their performances memorable!
Ivan Talanin — winner of many prestigious international competitions. The winner of II international contest "Goldentrophy" (I prize, Washington DC, USA, 2008), XV international competition for Bayan and accordion "Arrasate Hiria" (III prima, Arrasate Spain, 2007) and others.

Anton Semke
First picked up a violin at age 4 and at age 6 won first place at city competition of violinists.
Anton graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky in the class of honored artist of Russia Professor S. I. Kravchenko at the violin before she studied at the Central Music School (College) at the Moscow State Conservatory. Took master classes of violin playing from outstanding teachers: people's artist of Russia Vladimir Spivakov and Zakhar Bron.
Anton has given recitals in the Philharmonic orchestra of his native city of Barnaul, which were a great success! Now he is also invited to perform as a soloist and in chamber ensembles in Russia and abroad.
Anton numerous awards, we offer you to see some of them:
- Laureate of international competitions of violinists in Italy, Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Russia;
- Winner of the prize for support of talented youth, established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation of April 6, 2006 №325 "About measures of state support of talented youth";
- Laureate of the interregional Public prize and winner of the Golden sign "Property of Siberia" in the nomination "Hope of Siberia";
- Fellow and member of the charitable programs of the International Fund of Vladimir Spivakov;
- Personal scholarship of the Committee on culture of Barnaul in Altai region;- Winner of international violin competition, the participant of the master classes and the winner of the recommendations of the Professor of the higher school of music in Cologne higher school of music in Zurich, the Royal high school of music Queen Sofia in Madrid.

Ivan Talanin's Orchestra ''Tango En Vivo''

Dionisis started his tango career in Athens, Greece, where he was born. He is the winner of the Tango Acropolis competition (2011) in the “Escenario” (stage) category.  Chloe was trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance and, thereafter, followed a career in contemporary dance, until tango came along.
Dionisis and Chloe started working together in October 2011 and, together, they became the Greek Champions of Stage Tango (Tango Escenario) in the Tango Acropolis Competition 2012. They are members of Gustavo Russo’s Argentinian company “Tango Seduccion”, with which they recently finished the 1st tour of the show “Tango in Red Major”. They are based in Athens, Greece, where they teach full-time, at the studio of TANGart. They travel a lot and have performed and taught widely in Greece and abroad (USA-Washington DC, New York, Istanbul, Italy, France, Monaco, Sweden, Germany, Lebanon), participating in renowned international tango festivals, such as TangoWorld Festival -Italy, Stockholm Tango Festival-Sweden, Tango Festival Crest-France, Lebanon Tango Encuentro- Lebanon, Cyprus Tango Meeting, Cyprus etc.



Loukas and Georgia are the main teachers and founders of tangoFIX (dance school), is one of the first couples of the Greek tango scene.
They went together to their first tango class in 2000. Since then and until today their life is bound to this dance. They are constantly working with some of the most important tango teachers and staying in Buenos Aires for a long time played a leading role in their dancing culture and evolution. After years of practicing and exploring the fields of improvisation and choreography, they have developed our personal style.

The characteristics of their dance are the musicality, speed, alterations in the dynamic of the movement and the intense dramatic elements. They love to approach the classic tango with a contemporary view. They work around the world of tango by giving workshops and participating in festivals. They have also worked as dancers and choreographers in many theatricals shows. Our base is in Athens in tangoFIX.''

As far as I remember myself, I danced from my earlies (traditional and folklore dances), and as my mother used to say “this kid (me) has firstly danced than it walked”. But Tango met me unexpectedly 5 years ago.
What I love while dancing the Tango is that I can be myself, ready to exchange thoughts, feelings or even aura. It may sometimes feel like being exposed but only in a totally safe way. The best part of dancing the Tango is the interaction between the couple on the dance floor and the way we communicate during the tanda. This interaction is what I am looking for while DJ-ing behind the decks, but in this case the interaction comes between me and all the dancers. What I am trying and challenging myself is to capture moments, signs, expressions of the dancers, or even if it’s possible, feel the energy on the dance floor so I can harmonize it with the next tanda. Last but not least, I have plenty of tango songs to share that deserve to be heard, and wait to be danced, and I wonder how they could be interpreted through the art of dance.
My preferences both as a DJ and as Dancer is on the Golden Age. Favorite orchestras: Biagi, Donato, Troilo, Pugliese
How people describe my music: Seducing, Intense, Rythmic, Flowing, Impossible to sit!

Gabriel Marino was born in Rosario, Argentina. He studied Tango Argentino, traditional dances, contemporary and ballet in Argentina.
He participated as a dancer in the dance of Inaqui Urlezaga & Maximiliano Guerra and had the honor to repeatedly dance in "Teatro Colon" in Buenos Aires (2003-2004).
Chosen by a committee of four renowned choreographers from the Ministry of Culture in Buenos Aires for performances at CETC romm's the Teatro Colon de Buenos Aires (2007/8).
He participated in tango performances with choreographers Julio Zurita and Leonardo Cuello (video clip PA'BAILAR-Bajofondo).
He has danced in Buenos Aires in different Tango Shows: Café Tortoni (2005), Homero Manzi, Candilejas etc.
He made intensive courses with the most important representatives of Tango Salon.
(2006) participated in the play Les nuits de l'enfant Roi (Versailles, France) of Tangokinesis dance group, which was a combination of modern, traditional dance and tango (choreographies Stekelman).
(2007) came to Athens with the dance group "Tango Malambo" in Athens Circus. He participated four times in Tangogreece Festival.
In July 2011 won the title of European champion in tango escenario (European championship -Torino, Italy).
Also was a finalist in the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires (Campeonato mundial de tango 2010).
Choreographed and danced in theatrical MALA JUNTA - El ultimo tango (2010-11).
He studied music at Escuela Nacional de Musica de Rosario and Universidad Nacional de Rosario. The past year he is performing in Tango en Eros dance company in the most prestigious theaters in Greece

Vassia Thanopoulou had her first approach to Tango in 2009 at the age of 21 and professionally three years later. She taught from 2012 until 2016 in the dance school Baile de Barrio with her teacher and partner Costas Nicolaides. Together they have presented their work in Milongas of Athens, in the province as well as in Milonga Che Bailarin (Zotto Tango Academy) in Milan. She have made television appearances and participated to give seminars and Shows to the following festivals: Sunny Tango Festival (2013), 7th and 8th Athens Tango Festival, Tango Lovers Festival and Todos Tango Festival (2016). She has also participated in theatrical Tango Brujo together with Sebastian Misse - Andrea Reyero. Her Key  teachers are Miguel Angel Zotto - Daiana Guspero and Sebastian Misse - Andrea Reyero and has attended seminars with: Silvio La Via, Lorena Ermocida, Javier Rodriguez, Geraldine Rojas - Ezequiel Paludi, Leandro Oliver - Laila Rezk, Roberto Zuccarino - Samantha Dispari, Valeria Maside, Paola Tacchetti, Natasha Lewinger.

As from September 2016 she is working with Gabriel Marino and teach together in his dance school El Abrazo. They appear with the Compania Tango en Eros and Mora Godoy at the Herodium and soon will appear in Palace with the same team including Geraldine Rojas - Ezequiel Paludi.

Christina started dancing tango in Italy in 1999 and is a tango teacher since 2005. She is one of the first dancers who introduced tango in Athens and Greece. She works really hard and consistent on teaching more and more people to dance tango, and in fact contributes to the enlargement of Athens Tango scene. She has attended tango workshops with preeminent tango teachers from Europe and Argentina, while she has cooperated with many of those. The last 10 years she teaches tango at studio in Athens, and at the same time is Djing in milongas in Greece and abroad. Christina is the organizer of Milonga Querida.

Natalia Hills

Natalia Hills was one of the original members of the Broadway and London hit ” Forever Tango” nominated in 1998 for both: Tony and Drama Desk Awards for Best Choreography. 

Born in Buenos Aires, she began her theatrical career at the age of 12 and through the years appeared in, directed and choreographed many spectacular events, concerts including but in no way an extensive list

NBC Universal (Telemundo) and National Geographic
PBS series “Evening at Pops” with the Boston Pops Orchestra with Leslie Caron as hostess
appearances on television at the “Today Show” on NBC
Principal dancer with the Los Angeles Philharmonic & special guest artist at the Hollywood Kodak Theatre (home of the Academy Awards) 
A special guest artist at the Symphony Space, in New York City when the dance critic Alastair Macaulay at the New York Times published: “To be more specific, Ms Hills is a completely appealing and stylish dancer, delightful at a brisk tempo,….sensuous at any pace”

In 1995, she was specifically invited to perform in honor of Princess Diana at the British Embassy in Argentina!
Worked with director and choreographer, Damian Woetzel, at theInternational Festival of Dance in Vail, Colorado, together with the world greatest tap dancer Savon Glover, American Ballet Theater super stars: Ethan Stiefel and Gillian Murphy amoung the nation’s foremost dance companies.
In May-2012, Natalia performed with Tangueros del Sur for its frist time in Middle East

January 2012: “Romper El Piso” - TANGUEROSDELSUR, by adjudge is declared by Argentina´s Secretary of the Nation Cultural Ministry, of CULTURAL INTEREST.
August 2012: “BAILA” the history of Argentine Tango, by adjudge is declared by Argentina´s Senate of the Nation of CULTURAL INTEREST, due to its educational content. This innovative pedagogical program is based on her own experience.

Alejandro Aquino

Alejandro Aquino is a renowned dancer, director and choreographer
In 1985 he was a featured dancer at Teatro Alvear, together with principal dancers of the Teatro Colon
In 1989 Alejandro Aquino was chosen by Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese, composer, orchestra
leader and one of the most important figures in the history of tango music, to join the
Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese on tour in America, Asia and Europe. Among these was
the historic concert of Osvaldo Pugliese and Astor Piazzolla at the Royal Carre
Theatre in Amsterdam, Holland on June 26 1989.
In 1991 Alejandro performed in the famous Aldwych West End Theater in Londonwith the legendary company “Tango Argentino” of Claudio Segovia and Hector **
In 1992 he created his first complete work – “Tangueros” with the sponsorship of the
Festival Internacional: “Oriente- Ocidente” of Treno and Roverto in Italy.
In the years to follow, Alejandro was a guest dancer with other prestigious orchestras
in Buenos Aires.
In 1994 Alejandro Aguino was nominated Corresponsal Academico de la Academia
Nacional de Tango, by the poet Horacio Ferrer.
From 1997 – 2011 Alejandro establishes himself in Italy and dedicates himself to teaching and to transmitting his knowledge of Tango in all of Europe. 
In 2003 creates and produces the show “Homenage a Osvlado Pugliese” with the
Orgquesta Color Tango led by Roberto Alvarez, and presented personally by Lidia
Pugliese. The show subsequently toured in Italy.

In 1994 Alejandro Aguino was nominated Corresponsal Academico de la Academia Nacional de Tango, by the poet Horacio Ferrer.
I can vouch that the London stage show was simply spectacular, having been in the audience myself. It inspired my love for tango all those years ago. (Sabrina Elias


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